Etiketteki üç sınıflandırma kriteri

Sınıflandırma kriterleri lastik satın alma kararını basitleştirecek ve buna kılavuzluk edecektir. Standart hale getirilmiş sınıflandırma bilgileri sırt deseni üzerinde bulunan etikette veya diğer iletişim yollarıyla tüketicilere sunulacaktır.

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The classification criteria (fuel efficiency, wet grip, and noise) simplify and guide the tyre purchase decision. Standardised classification information is available to consumers on a label attached to the tread or through another means of communication. In addition to the three characteristics, there are a number of other factors related to safety, performance, and the environment that tyre developers and testers take into account, such as: 

  • Safety characteristics on ice and snow
  • Ability to withstand aquaplaning
  • Handling characteristics and steering precision
  • Mileage
"When buying a tyre, the consumer should note that these three criteria are by no means the only characteristics in a tyre"
Tuija Aro, Account manager, Nokian Tyres plc

Fuel savings and road safety are highly dependent on the driver’s behaviour. Take into account the following issues: 

  • Economic driving can significantly reduce fuel consumption
  • To optimise road safety and driving comfort, tyre pressure needs to be checked at regular intervals
  • If the tyre pressure is too low, the tyre wears out much quicker than usual; it also affects fuel consumption and poses a clear risk in terms of road safety
  • A responsible motorist is always aware of the properties and condition of his/her tyres. Only a driver who knows the vehicle and tyres can adjust the speed and safety distance to match the current weather.