Nokian Snowproof P is a combination of decades of snow-how and unique Formula 1 expertise

A car speeds down on a snow track, taking corners precisely, changing course with ease and accelerating with no problem despite the demanding slippery surface. As it comes to a smooth halt, a familiar figure steps out, nodding approvingly. We are at Nokian Tyres’ winter tire testing center White Hell in Ivalo, Lapland and the man with the driving skills is no other than double F1 world champion, legend Mika Häkkinen. He is here to test the Nokian Snowproof P winter tires.  

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Mika Häkkinen has been lending his expertise to the Nokian Tyres’ testing and development team before, but this is the first time he has worked on a tire dedicated to winter conditions. The Nokian Snowproof P tires are designed for high-speed driving in Central European winter, so Häkkinen is the perfect person to test them: born and bred in Finland, he is no stranger to the harshest of winter conditions, but after years of living around Europe, he also knows the demands of the temperamental Central European winter weather. As a professional driver and after a handsome career on the F1 circuits, his knowledge and sensitivity to tires’ behavior is self-evident.  

- The Nokian Snowproof P is a fantastic tire. It acts consistently and predictably both when braking or accelerating hard, Häkkinen says after his laps on snow. 


Nokian Snowproof P is a combination of decades of snow-how and unique Formula 1 expertise
"The Nokian Snowproof P is a fantastic tire. It acts consistently and predictably both when braking or accelerating hard, Häkkinen says after his laps on snow."
Mika Häkkinen, Double F1 Champion

Designed to deliver peace of mind for passenger car drivers, the new Nokian Snowproof P is a sporty and modern combination of high-performance handling and reliable winter grip – just what you need in sudden lane changes and slushy side roads. Häkkinen notes the balanced characteristics:

- The Nokian Snowproof P gives you confidence when driving. The driving is smooth and fast even in these conditions, he says and gestures to the winter wonderland around him.